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Welcome at Asia Motoren

Kleine Staarman Asia Motoren is one of the biggest and highly modern car dismantling companies in the Netherlands.

We are specialists in selling used engines of the following makes:

Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki und Toyota.

We offer you:

• 6 months product warranty
• Always 1500 engines directly available from stock
• We deliver checked and tested engines
• Delivery through whole of Europe within 48 hours
• Extensive know how and automated supply system

Our modern automated stock system enables us access to the latest information about all available engines.
We can instantly provide you with information about availability, year of manufacture, mileage, pricing etc.

Please be free to contact us by phone or email:
P: +31 7438 41011
E: info@asiamotoren.de

About us

For over 35 years Kleine Staarman Asia Motoren delivers all used engines with high quality.
Our service exceeds the highest standards and requirements.
No wonder that our company became one of the largest and most professional car disassembly companies within Europe.

Kleine Staarman Asia Motoren has more than 1500 engines and 800 gearboxes in stock.
We can offer Asian engines and gearboxes for almost all car types.
These Japanese or Korean made products are available in different price classes.
Kleine Staarman Asia Motoren is one of the largest suppliers of used Japanese and Korean engines and gearboxes in the Netherlands.

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 08:30 am – 5.30 pm (lunch break from 12-1 pm)
Sat: 8:30 am – 1 pm
Sundays closed

Quality & customer satisfaction

• Based on our philosophy of building long term relationships by delivering quality and customer satisfaction, we pay much attention to test and check our engines.
• We have extensive know how of and experience with the engines we sell.
• All engines are quality checked right after disassembly and then entered in our database.
• In addition to the regular information about make, model, type, year of manufacture etc. you will know exactly what you buy .
• Depending on your needs and wishes you can choose from various price and quality classes.


Please ask for our actual sales prices here.
(prices depend on make, model, year of manufacture and mileage)

All makes starting from € 490,=.


It is a good idea to look for a guaranteed good used engine or gearbox.
You are not only saving money, but also the environment.
We offer a standard 6 months product warranty on all our used engines (starting from date of purchase and provided a fair use).

Unfortunately, we do not cover the costs of assembly or disassembly of the engine, when we didn’t built in the engine into the car ourselve.


• After accepting our terms of warranty and delivery, we can ship our products to you.
• We take no responsibility of shipping costs or any risks.
• Shipping costs of one engine within Germany are € 149,= excluding sales tax.
• This also includes returns within Germany.
• For Austria and Denmark: shipping costs of one engine are € 199,= excluding sales tax.
• Delivery in Austria and Denmark requires full payment in advance.
• Delivery in other European countries on your request.

Deposits for trade ins

• Almost all of our engines are eligible for trading in your old engine.
• We ship our engines in fluid-proof synthetic containers.
• We charge a deposit for the engine and the container as well.
• Depending on type of the engine, we charge a deposit from € 250,= to € 1000,=.
• Deposits have to be paid in advance.
• Deposits will be refunded as soon as we receive your old engine shipped in our container back.
• We expect you to contact us for return orders.

Important to know

Please be aware of the fact that buying a used engine can always have the risk of unforeseen problems.